Classic curves

Smooth curves and classic style blends with strength and durability to make the Hotel range an indispensable choice in the bathroom.

Hotel is tested to withstand the rigorous use of any application and as with all Waterbury products is backed by our 12 Year Manufacturing Guarantee.

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NH72 Shower Curtain Hooks

NH44 Curved Single Towel Rail

NH56 Sanitary Bag Dispenser

NH58 Toilet Brush & Holder (Wall or Floor Mounting)

NH64 Pedal Bin (3 Litre)

NH57 Pedal Bin (5 Litre)

NH39 Shower Curtain Hooks (Per Dozen)

NH36 Shower Rail Bend complete with Connections

NH34 Flanges & Cover Plates for Straight and ‘L’ Shape Rails (Pair)

NH38 Ceiling Stay (940MM O/A)

NH37 Ceiling Stay (490MM O/A)

NH33 Shower Rail (2438MM O/A)

NH32 Shower Rail (1830MM O/A)

NH31 Shower Rail (1220MM O/A)

NH30 Shower Rail (915MM O/A)

NH29 Shower Rail (760MM O/A)

NH63 Curved Shower Rail

NH18 Recessed Toilet Roll Holder

NH19 Extra Recessed Toilet Roll Holder

NH46 Standard Toilet Roll Holder with Concealed Fittings

NH15 Standard Toilet Roll Holder with Exposed Fittings

NH60 Single Toilet Roll Holder

NH43 Toilet Roll Holder with Cover

NH20 Spare Toilet Roll Holder

NH17 Single Toilet Roll Holder

NH47 Adjustable Shaving Mirror

NH62 Glass Shelf (450MM C/C)

NH81 Cube Tissue Dispenser

NH55 Tissue Dispenser

NH76 Recessed Tissue Dispenser

NH48 Round Double Robe Hook

NH25 Double Robe Hook

NH83 Single Robe Hook

NH82 Double Robe Hook

NH79A Door Robe Hook with Stopper

NH71 Clean Towel Rack – Slimline (610MM C/C)

NH70 Clean Towel Rack – Slimline (457MM C/C)

NH41 Clean Towel Rack – Under Rail (675MM C/C)

NH40 Clean Towel Rack – Under Rail (480MM C/C)

NH02 Clean Towel Rack – Cantilever (610MM C/C)

NH01 Clean Towel Rack – Cantilever (457MM C/C)

NH42 Angled Grab Rail With Soap Dish (412MM C/C)

NH11 Grab Rail (610MM C/C)

NH10 Grab Rail (457MM C/C)

NH09 Grab Rail (305MM C/C)

NH14 Angled Grab Rail (412MM C/C)

NH13 Angled Grab Rail (277MM C/C)

NH07 Double Towel Rail (610MM C/C)

NH06 Double Towel Rail (457MM C/C)

NH04 Single Towel Rail (610MM C/C)

NH03 Single Towel Rail (457MM C/C)

NH47L L.E.D. Adjustable Shaving Mirror

NH16 Double Toilet Roll Holder

CUR10 Shower Curtain

CUR06 Shower Curtain

CUR05 Shower Curtain

CUR04 Shower Curtain

CUR03 Shower Curtain

CUR02 Shower Curtain

CUR01 Shower Curtain

We have supplied various prestigious projects over many years using Waterbury products due to their excellent quality, competitive pricing and efficient customer service.
Managing Director of a Leading Refurbishment Contractor.

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