Rounded versatility

If functional, practical and ‘to the point’ is what you’re looking for, Universal is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.

Previously available as selected items incorporated into our other ranges we felt it was time this eclectic assortment had its own name. Now it’s easier for you to conceive in use and specify.

Find out more about our Universal range by calling us on +44 (0) 121 333 6062 or emailing sales@waterbury.co.uk


SC23 Doorstop (Floor‑Mounted)

QU52 Doorstop (Floor‑mounted)

NH27 Recessed Tissue Dispenser

NH28 Retractable Clothes Line

NH79 Doorstop (Wall‑Mounted)

NH52 Doorstop (Wall-Mounted)

NH80 Doorstop (Floor‑Mounted)

NH78 Doorstop (Floor‑Mounted)

NH51 Doorstop (Floor‑Mounted)

NH49 Robe Hook

NH23 Towel Ring

NH53 Square Basket Soap Dish

NH50 Corner Basket Soap Dish

NH26 Corner Basket Sponge Dish

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